FatBelly Brewery

Unit 8F 

Commercial Point

Mullacott Industrial Estate


EX34 8FH 

TEL 01598 753496

MOB 07946133332


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Simply Put a group of friends who like to have a beer together and often enjoy talking about the finer things in life - CRAFT BEER

Our Mug club does not discriminate, with currently close to 100 members this is a serious beer club, we like spending time together, whether its on tour at a beer festival or brewery tour, at our xmas do or just at our bar.

All mugs are engraved with a humorous name and are hung up in the bar waiting for their owner to arrive. 

Maybe you are new to the area and want to make 100 friends in one go or just love the idea of being part of a forever growing beer club.

If you would like to be part of the Mug Club you can join by clicking below and purchasing a Mug Club entry.