Melbourne #CraftBeer, Why the Silly Price Tag ?

Having booked our holiday to Melbourne i instantly started looking forward to trying some new #melbournecraftbeers and get some inspiritation for the coming year in our little brewery.

Anybody who knows me will tell you that when it comes down to beer i always have a positive outlook and dont mind paying extra to get some good slurps, Unfortunatly i just cant get in the swing of things here and im thinking its the price thats doing it, I think an experience i had yesterday sums things up a little.

My Wife, Kids and I set off towards Federation Square for an early evening of Food and a couple drinkies for Daddy, We stopped in what was labelled a Craft Beer bar and was passed a menu for food and one for drinks, The food was easy, they served only Pizza so we had one to share which came to $13.50 which i thought reasonable, surely enough when it came out it was a decent yet basic pizza.

Now my enthusiasm was zapped when i looked at the Craft Beer Menu, WOW , i chose one of the cheapest on there which was an IPA at $11.50, OK thats alot but keep yourself together it might be something special and perhaps in 10 minutes ill be trying to explain to the Mrs just why it was a bargain, exactly as i was 2 weeks previous after purchasing Half a Cocoa Phycho at a #Brewdog Bar for around a fiver, Unfortunatly this wasnt the case, dont get me wrong it was still decent but for $11.50 i expected more, literally more, my beer was delivered in a 330ml bottle.

So ive since found out this is the norm here in Australia but the answer i need to find out is why ? and does it stop people trying several ?

Ive not only been a brewer but a huge fan of the Craft Beer revolution for many years now and a drinker before that, Beer is the oldest drink on the planet and should be for the people, as it is in other Countries, Australia isnt a hugely expensive place so why has this happened to the beer and does it stand a chance going forward ?

I have another 17 days in Australia, maybe ill find the answer.

By the way i love everything else about this fantastic country, especially all the Countryside within the Cities and the lovely people, its incredible

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