So we have been in Melbourne for three nights with a fourth tonight, being foodies its exciting anticipating what to expect, after all this time last year we was in New York only really eating in Deli style food places as the price in Restaurants was just that little bit to expensive when needing to pay for 4 people.

On our first journey out we wondered if we was staying within China town as to our absolute delight there was Asian style restaurants as far as the eye could see, what a bonus and even more of a bonus we wasn't in China Town, this is simply a City full of colourfull restaurant frontages.

Our first breakfast was in a Chinese Noodle Shop where we had a range of soups, all were fantastic and came to under $20, I have to admit that we was eating again within an hour and thirty in a salad bar which again was fresh and lovely.

It was at this point where I noticed that Restaurant staff were friendly and appreciative of the business, this may sound like something you would simply expect but those who have been to New York will understand its not, mostly being met there with the old "What do you want" line and still having to deal with the hand coming out after diner to top up their wages, a very strange trail of thought, once you have your head around it you simply have to laugh, which is exactly what we did.

Back to Melbourne and their fantastic Staff team.

We had a slightly swankier meal down by the sea which was Dumplings and the kids had Belly Pork, again very nice, again friendly people.

For the next few days we ate at the apartment a little but also had lunch in the same restaurant 3 days in a row, Wow what a restaurant and heres why.

Ghin Khao Thai Food 242 Swanston Street

Now we own our own Thai Restaurant in the UK and my Wife Nartnapa is one hell of a chef, We run our restaurant in a way we would like to find if we was dining there, simple, wholesome, easy going and full of flavour, Ghin Khao scored 10 out of 10 on absolutely every single count, Simple-Basic Thai Flavours but not over thought, like we do I noticed that instead of opting to ship expensive veg direct from Thailand they decided to use fresh local ingredients and adjust the recipe to achieve the same outcome , Wholesome-Huge lumps of perfectly cooked Vegetables and meat and yea as easy going as hell, metal cups, water in old gin bottles, basic crockery, If you are in Melbourne and like genuine decent food then make this your first , middle and last stop.

The Staff here also carried on the Melbourne staff tradition and was as friendly as can be to us, perhaps that makes the food taste even better, I certainly believe so.

Below Archie and Asia enjoying their Thai Meal at Ghin Khao, for further details click here

Of course my Children are half Thai so they loved their meals, Archie 9 choose the Larb (spicy minced chicken salad) and Asia who is not ready for the spicy stuff went for simple Chicken grill, We have been known to have some fairly heated discussions on where we will eat our next meal but not in this City, they got 4 yes's

I was told about the high quality of the Thai food here in Australia and I must say that I am not disappointed.

I am not reviewing restaurants as I believe its often used as threats towards businesses so I will never mention the names or details of places we didn't like, I will however blow the trumpet for places we love and Gain Khao was one of them, congratulations on such an authentic fantastic place guys, see you again next time were in Melbourne.

As a summary this City sells fresh lovely food at a decent price and that is extremely welcoming for young families, Thank you Melbourne for a Wonderfull eating experience and looking after us so well.

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