Anybody that knows me will know that when it comes to beer I will find a positive in anything, I love Craft beer but more importantly I love what the Craft Beer Revolution represents, Fun, Laughter but most importantly camaraderie with peers and a fight between the small men and the big men.

Ever since booking our holiday I've been really excited to dip into the Scene here in Melbourne, ok I have the Children with me so can't fully commit but I can sample a couple right ?

On a warm Melbourne evening its hard to imagine what could be better, a beautiful City, a varied audience but with a young stronghold for sure, a real sense of excitement even as early as 6 pm.

Walking past Federation Square in the daytime we decided this would be our place to start and the Wife let off a little slack on the lead and into a huge Funky Craft Beer house we went.

Super lovely staff took us to a table and provided us with a menu for food and also one for drinks, opening the food first this was easy, it was a Pizza only Menu so thats what we had (to share as we was treating it as a starter for a Thai meal we would have later) more than reasonable price at $13, I'm sure working in Australia this is Mega affordable for even a low earner.

Opening the drinks menu was like watching a Horror Movie on fast forward, why ooh why is the price of Craft Beer so damn expensive, for me beer should be for the people but I just don't understand how it can be here, I understand perhaps Australia pays a little more than the UK but for a beer to be around $12 is unbalanced at best.

Smile on my face I ordered an IPA which then turned up in a 330ml bottle, ooh my its not even a pint, realising It wasn't a draught product i ordered a different IPA which again was around the $12 mark, when it turned up it was just a Scooner.

The Beer was decent and had it cost less I would of stayed for a few but I just couldn't bring myself to part with that sort of money, especially as were away for a while, believe me when it comes to beer I know how to spend, only a couple weeks before I was supping Cocoa Psycho in my local Brewdog Bar which is £5 for a half but A its a super special Beer and B its not $12 a Scooner.

All this said I still have much faith left in the Australian Craft beer scene and I look forward to trying some outside the City where the prices are realistic and lets be truthful Sustainable.

On a Mega positive side I've already found that the people here are just lovely and welcoming, just like at home in the UK.

Im assuming the heavy prices are down to something within the government, is this the case ? whats the cause ? do you find these prices acceptable ? was i in the most expensive place in town ? Am I just being tight ?

What could be better than drinking Beer in this beautiful Country

#craftbeermelbourne #craftbeeraustralia #fatbellybrewery #melbourne

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