Coast Lager in Cans

Hi all, hope you are well and looking forward to a great xmas with lots of lovely beers.

Since releasing Coast Lager we have never managed to get it to our people to enjoy in their own home, until now.

Finished can of Coast Lager

Canning seems a bit of a mystery so I thought id write a blog to expel a bit of the unknown details.

How does a small brewery Can beer ?

Canning beer is a craft in itself, small brewery's simply don't have the finance to purchase machinery to can efficiently, although we always had a desire to do so it was never something we could achieve in our little brewery, for this reason we joined the growing community of breweries who contract out their packaging to larger businesses with the kit and training already in place.

After initial discussions we identified a fantastic company booked in a slot and the process begins.

We would set about brewing a batch of Coast, fermenting, dry hopping and finally sending it out to be packaged.

Coast packaged in an Arlington, ready to be sent away

The result, A week later we took delivery of pallets of fine Packaged Coast cans, ready for our customers to enjoy.

Why Cans ?

This is something that has popped up a surprising amount of times, there does seem to be a number of people who still consider a can to be a second rate packaging compared to bottles, I understand this as to my knowledge many years ago a can would leave a metalic flavour that is not desirable in beers, however things have changed.

Cans nowadays represent the best form of packaging, firstly environmentally they are easier on the planet, lighter to ship, easier to recycle, list goes on.

Cans are also less fragile, take them to the beach and when leaving just crush them up and put them in your bag, aside from that we have noticed a swing towards this style of packaging and we too believe in it so we put our money where our mouth is and committed ourselves.

I think the biggest plus with a can is how it keeps the beer inside fresher for longer, perhaps the biggest positive is no UV can get through the metalic walls, UV being a massive killer of great beer.

Where can you get hold of our cans ?

On our website, We only display beers that are in stock and ready to be shipped.

Our beers are also currently available for collection from The Cottage Inn Pub in Lynton, N.Devon

The future or our beers in cans ?

Early 2020 we will be starting to produce EX35 Lager, Ocean Gold, Guzzler and Carver Doone in cans, available separately or in mixed cases, we passionately believe in this form of packaging because our beers will reach you in the very best possible condition.

Advantage over bottle conditioning by hand

Bottling by hand is traditional and a great way to get beer into bottles for the smaller brewery, it does however leave a little bit of a gamble as there is a small amount of yeast left in the bottle, if you like the yeast as I do thats fine but not every drinker does and it does take a little bit of knowledge to pour beer out leaving the yeast behind, this can cause a bad start for the beer drinker who just wants a no nonsense approach to how they consume their beverage, Carbonation is also a gamble based on how perfect priming methods are undertaken, often a bottle conditioned beer is perfectly carbonated after a month in a bottle but virtually impossible to pour after 4 months.

By canning our beers as we are this guarantees that ( providing the beer hasn't been left out in the warm for a degree of time ) your beer reaches you in perfect condition and will remain this way to at least the end of the use by date.

If you are a lover of FatBelly beers please check our website from late February for availability of canned products.

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