So its been a little while since I’ve written a blog so firstly sorry about that, its great to see that our subscribers list is growing so well.

I think you deserve an explanation as to what is happening on the Coast front so lets start at the very beginning what is Coast Lager and what was its inspiration.

OK so last year I brewed a lager called EX35, this turned into a great little seller but as the brewer and especially a brewer wanting to survive in a modern market and also enjoy what is brewed myself I knew it needed something a little more, we do not want to be known as a brewery imitating commercial beers for the masses, its easy to do but a soul destroying experience and a waste of potential and energy, also haw can I inspire my co workers if I can’t inspire myself.

So since EX35 was around there is a new face at the brewery, This is Max, my brother in law and new found brewing partner in crime, being of the same mindset as me and having a will to succeed at all costs we make a pretty good team and one that will see FatBelly grow to its full potential over the coming years.

Max chilling at the brewery

I’m going around the houses with Max here but ill be back around to him in a minute and you will see the relevance then.

So Coast is a dry hopped Lager using a high end no expense spared hop from the states, it gives a unique flavour that 90% of people passionatly love, myself and my co workers being of this mindset, the refreshing experience of drinking coast takes its inspiration from the sea, we are surrounded in it.

First we brewed a lager, not to sweet and not to bitter, traditional Czech hops are used in the brewing process, if we fermented this fully and Lagered for a further 6 weeks this beer would go on to be EX35, this is where our will to surpass expectation comes in, after fermentation was finished we decided to dry hop the vessel we would Lager in, in an attempt to offer a refreshing aftertaste whilst adding no further bitterness.

Pint of Coast

So I’m stood at the scales contemplating amounts to use, showing consideration for flavour profile, how might this effect the clearing process and also in a sad admission cost implications, I’ve decided an amount which I feel will give a subtle aftertaste and run the amount by Max which he has simply responded with “ Double it, come on sod the expense are we making larger or are we making a FXX+@XG lager, so I respected my youngers and took the plunge, that Fresh distinctive aftertaste of the coast is down to Mr Max, when we realised its potential he has made sure this minor win of his will never be forgotten.

Conical vessels for Lagering Coast at the Brewery

Apart from the wonderful flavour what makes Coast so special ?

OK so the word lager means storage in Germany, I think possibly even cold storage and this is what Lager is, Cold stored beer “Lager Beer”

Many Lagers are now brewed in a way to increase speed in production times and not focus on quality, Some beers getting through the process in under 2 week, instead of a traditional 8 ( or so )

Coast lager is brewed and aged in a traditional way, using time and temperature as a replacement for chemicals and filters, Coast is the real deal.

New Kegs ready for filling

Why Coast ?

This is simple, we just love being by the sea and we are proud of it, we honestly think that we have paired the feeling of sitting by the seaside enjoying a refreshing pint perfectly.

Where will Coast go from here.

With obtaining new lagering vessels we can now produce a fairly decent amount of Coast for the people of North Devon and our visitors to enjoy whilst spending time here, In high demand we have decided we must restrict how many we sell to to a manageable amount and grow in a steady fashion so as not to reduce quality within our process.

We completed our latest installation at The Ancient Mariner bar in Lynmouth only last week so pop in there for a pint and a meal, its a fantastic establishment we are proud to see our brand being represented so well there, long may it continue.

Coast looking funky at the Ancient Mariner

Final destination for Coast is for it to become North Devons Lager, something the the residents are proud to call their own.

For further details of where you can obtain Coast keep an eye on our Facebook page.

If you would like further details about cost please feel free to call us on 07946133332

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