Beer Dear ? One for the ladies

Our new Craft Beer range and Teku glasses

Its been a while since I have done a blog but I'm planning an event and want to explain in detail a little further on what I am hoping to achieve.

OK so I guess I like to think of myself as a bit of a beer traveler, as in whenever I leave my Village or my Country I am always looking for the next place to try a new beer or to learn something new about what has become my passion "Craft Beer".

Firstly what is Craft Beer, A product that is made without any regard for cost implications and in small batches with huge amounts of love, often pushing boundaries of existing styles or even creating new to suit modern times, most are lightly carbonated and served chilled in stunning glassware.

One thing I have noticed on my travels and particularly abroad is that more and more women are getting involved and drinking beer which I think if a fantastic thing, the big question though is why ?

So before the Craft beer revolution began beer although still loved by all had a far narrower flavour profile, bitter of course, sweet sometimes but never bold and beautiful, this style of alcoholic drink was never as attractive to the female population as it was to the males, having a discussion at our bar yesterday a lady suggested perhaps this was down to the sheer volume or maybe even the fact that the whole industry was just to masculine.

It was a problem but now its not and heres why.

The Craft Beer industry can be labelled a little pompous by some but without question it is a huge improvement, hundreds or thousands of brewers have pioneered a movement that encourages new flavours and for boundaries to be pushed, leaving the Craft beer drinker with a whole range of new flavour profiles and there is something for everybody to enjoy, sweet, floral , citrus , chocolate , fruit , spicy, you name it and they have brewed with it.

One particular bar I frequented in Melbourne stands out, when I arrived at the bar I actually asked if I had visited at a bad time as I thought it was a ladies night, the bartender simply replied, "Ladies love Craft beer to bro" I felt like an idiot but inside I was smiling, Craft beer is unisex.

Apart from the huge flavour ranges another massive plus for ladies is that the volume you would consume a craft beer is far less than that of a session Ale, mainly because they are often much stronger and are served I'm a more slightly softer glass.

Craft beer is a premium product and often a pint would be to much of a good thing so as a result the standard measures are a half or 2/3 pint and instead of drinking pint after pint of one beer you will try many in one sitting.

Along with the movement grew a whole new line of packaging for beers and different ways to buy, we no longer need to commit to huge kegs of beer, prefer to buy many in smaller package amounts meaning that although we show a huge range they are also A1 fresh for you to enjoy.

During low season we have changed the back bar at the Cottage inn to incorporate a Craft Beer range, ours has a maximum of 17 taps, of which we will have some Craft Ciders, Exciting new Craft Beers brewed right here by FatBelly and a selection of beers from the freshest and young breweries around the World, mainly the UK.

So I guess the question on my mind is would you like to join the ladies of Melbourne and most other Cities in the modern World and try yourself at an evening of Craft Beer ? maybe some fantastic Thai food also ?We would love to welcome you to the Cottage Inn for an evening of fun and laughter where we can all learn something new.

please feel free to Facebook message us for details, our events page will be up soon

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