Cask Ales

We respect and love the Soul food of British Beer, Brewed using traditional techniques and keeping a small but well formed range of three beers, all using only British Hops and Barley.

Traditional Pale Ale, light and refreshing with a slight malt charachter, mild bitterness and tinge of biscuit, low in citrus flavours for the more traditional beer lover.

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Biscuit and Caramel flavours can be found within our take on the beer that has rightly held its place on bars throughout the UK since we can all remember, British Bitter.

A low Abv makes Guzzler a perfect session Ale

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Dark, Roasty and Chocolatey flavours are achieved from chocolate malts and best describe this Exmoor Porter a light bitterness makes it very smooth and quaffable. 

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