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The Cottage Inn is FatBelly's spiritual home, Our brewery was originally active within the cellar here but with it being late 17th century it wasn't practical to continue.
Our sister business is home to Nartnapa Thai Kitchen, Modern contemporary food served in a riverside restaurant, of course with a good offering of FatBelly beers, during high season you can expect up to 8 of our beers, during low season less to manage quality whilst turnover is lower.
Opening Hours can be found on the Nartnapa website here, 
The Cottage Inn is a beautiful short walk along the Lynway from Lynton or on a riverside walk from barbrook, during 2022 there has been a problem with the community car park, leaving less space for our customers, to help please try and walk or take a taxi where possible, its a beautiful walk and a taxi is very affordable.

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The Garden at The Cottage Inn is a beautiful spot on a nice day, what can be better than Craft beers brewed locally with a nature view and a scenic walk along the river Lyn.

Our raised deck seating areas can seat up to 36, If you are planning a group walk please let us know you are coming.