FatBelly Brewery

Unit 8F 

Commercial Point

Mullacott Industrial Estate


EX34 8FH 

TEL 01598 753496

MOB 07946133332


Until FatBelly Festival 2019
FatBelly Brewery is a small Craft Brewery established within the Exmoor National Park that produces Cask Ales, Lagers and creative Craft Beers. The brewery has now expanded and is located at Mullacott just outside of Ilfracombe.
 We feel we have a modern edge and know with our ambition that FatBelly has a bright future.
 Beer is in our veins but the Craft Beer movement is more than just drinking, a sense of community, fun and laughter is what makes this modern day revolution such an interesting industry to work within.
FatBelly Festival is the highlight of our annual calendar, a Craft Beer and Music festival set over a 3 day period in June summarises just what the industry is all about, join us and become part of the revolution.